Supporting teachers and empowering students with a comprehensive learning


One of a kind math curriculum system making mathematics learning delightful & fun

D-Square Math-a-Magic is an adaptive, digital math program designed to complement classroom instruction and deliver results. Our primary objective is to provide a system to help students hone their understanding of maths while making learning fun and relevant with an engaging game-like activity.

We personalize each child’s learning experience by motivating them to persist, progress, and achieve success. It is one of the fastest mathematics systems in the world enabling students to solve sums per minute and even quick and accurate results are provided.

Trusted by teachers in over 60% of the school and districts and more than 1 lakh parents

Skills development

Reading and english capability

Trignometry, geomtery, & algebra

Setp-by-step autograding

Educators training

We turn math learning into a delightful game

Our curriculum is research-based with comprehensive explanations including the following modules. What is even better that students will feel like they are playing a game. Each correct module will take the grade one notch up, making their self-learning quite motivating.

Learn & practice while playing, promoting brighter thinking and better learning


  • One of the fastest system enabling students to do more sums per minute than any other system
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Self-motivating system encouraging quick learners and progressive students
  • Learners can revisit concepts multiple times to deepen their mathematical learning
  • The Autopilot feature intelligently adapts the exercise content and difficulty according to the student’s performance.
  • Challenging yet manageable calculations to make the concepts strong
  • Learners can progress at their own pace


  • Basic Numeracy
  • Applied Numeracy
  • Visual Numeracy
  • Arithmetic
  • Junior Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Senior Algebra

Self-practice, score-board, time-challenge, and combat – Play & Learn


  • End-to-end child development curriculum
  • Addresses all eight areas of perception: colour, shape, spatial orientation, associative skills, comparative skills, mental retention, auditory skills, and numeracy.
  • Integrated and structured learning enabling whole-brain development-boosting brain effectiveness
  • Children and adults with learning disabilities or attention difficulties can also use the system
  • Useful for therapists in hospitals for the rehabilitation of brain-damaged patients.


  • Associative skills
  • Language development
  • Auditory perception
  • Motor skills
  • Sequencing
  • Special orientation
  • Memory retention
  • Numeracy and quantity
  • Body awareness

Engaging and empowering students with dynamic and adaptive learning


  • Enabling new reading techniques and language usage
  • Enhances reading speed by making the learner read groups of words instead of one word at a time
  • Comprehensive learning and reading strategy with proper integration
  • Boosting silent reading skill
  • Helps to improve concentration power and in-depth understanding


  • Sound recording desk
  • Customized student settings
  • Open text editor
  • Anagrams
  • Word Recognition
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Phonics exercise with audible instructions

Case Studies

Offering integrated solutions to boost productivity and innovation in the corporates & K-12 industry.

Project UMANG – Exaltation of School life

Project UMANG is an activity resource center designed with the aim of providing a holistic learning environment for children.

Bringing Tech Solutions to Classroom Learning

Tech Class has worked wonders by bringing the school on digital mode with better academic results.


Our clients are a mix of corporates, private and Government schools who believe in the power of learning and are committed to making the society, workplace, and world a better place!

Haresh Mehta

Vanita Vishram

We choose to go for D-Square K-12 curriculum solution for our KG, primary, and secondary classes. The curriculum designed by their experts was of high-quality and well-researched which helped us provide personalized education experience. This made learning very easy for our students. Our teachers also experienced a radical shift in their teaching methodology.

Dinkar Naik

LD High School, Lokbharati

Our partnership with DSquare Solution began a couple of years ago. They thoroughly understood the problem our teachers and students faced while using the traditional method of teaching. They came up with their Tech Class product solution which completely transformed and digitized our education system. With smart classrooms, our students not only became smart but even our teachers experienced a whole new of delivering knowledge.

Paritosh Patel


Academic and operational management solution by D-Square provided us with varied solutions for the diverse learning needs of our pre-school kids.

Yogesh Sridhar

Tulip International School

DSquare Solution Science Center kit for students has a lot of activities and real-life experiments experience. I personally found the experiments one step ahead of the others I came across. Students can thrive and find their passion, and learn in an environment that encourages discovery at their own pace.

Shailesh Thakker

Swami Narayan Dham

We collaborated with DSquare Solution for the DSTEM Education and the best we loved about it is that each student gets to experiment with a kit and create as well as track his report under the guidance of Practical instructor. It provides hands-on-learning which enriches the overall learning environment of students while proving a platform to explore and experiment.


Offering integrated solutions and products to boost productivity and innovation in the schools.