Tech Class

Redefining modern age teaching with digital Tech Class solution

Tech Class

Transforming learning environments with an
innovative & intuitive digital classroom solution

Tech Class – An innovative and intuitive digital solution for enhanced learning with an interactive flat panel, interactive board, whiteboard, short/long throw DLP projector, and speakers, etc. Our products are designed to support teachers and schools build a healthy and engaging learning environment. Our interactive flat panel enables simple effective touch interactions, annotate on-screen, share your screen from any device, and access & save files from the cloud.

We aim to redefine the modern age teaching with new modes of learning and innovative path-breaking solutions. We just don’t focus on new technologies, we focus on what the technology blended with solutions can do for students and teachers to make learning deeper, more immediate, and powerful.

Interactive Flat Panel

Classrooms, Board Rooms, Training Rooms make way for an irresistible Clutter Free Replacement of the traditional white board-projector based rooms


Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students

Get ready to deliver a more intelligent, intuitive, interactive and immersive experience in the classroom at all levels of education

  • Projector ARM
  • Ceramic / Non Ceramic and EM Boards
  • AIR Mouse
  • Interactive Software
  • Digital Visualiser
  • Built-in Computer
  • Built-in Centeral Controller
  • Hi-Fi Speaker
  • The customized solution according to individual school and student needs in any grade at any level of understanding
  • Blended learning with high-quality content and curriculum to learn new concepts and skills in a systematic and coherent way
  • Allows students to connect ideas, collaborate, and interact their understanding of content and skills
  • Operate hardware with a single touch
  • Robust surface
  • High-quality CPU, keyboard, mouse, and speaker
  • Multi-touch interactive board
  • Low reflection
  • Easily use erasable ink marker
  • Curriculum-based content
  • Customize hardware as per your budget
  • Multi-site easy collaboration
  • Real-time session recording

Benefits to students

  • Improves learning and analytical skills
  • Clear and easy understanding of content
  • The engaging and collaborative learning approach
  • Hands-on activity and stimulating exercises
  • Setting self-motivated benchmarks

Benefits to teachers

  • Inspiring, engaging, and motivating students
  • Effective and comprehensive presentation of content
  • Easy to use and ability to customize
  • Meeting a wide variety of learning needs and styles

Explore interactive methods of content delivery for learners

2D/3D Animation
Real-lilfe Videos
Fun Learning Examples
Interactive Similation
Hands on Experiments
Interactive Assesments

Why choose us?

Case Studies

Offering integrated solutions to boost productivity and innovation in the corporates & K-12 industry.

Project UMANG – Exaltation of School life

Project UMANG is an activity resource center designed with the aim of providing a holistic learning environment for children.

Bringing Tech Solutions to Classroom Learning

Tech Class has worked wonders by bringing the school on digital mode with better academic results.


Our clients are a mix of corporates, private and Government schools who believe in the power of learning and are committed to making the society, workplace, and world a better place!

Haresh Mehta

Vanita Vishram

We choose to go for D-Square K-12 curriculum solution for our KG, primary, and secondary classes. The curriculum designed by their experts was of high-quality and well-researched which helped us provide personalized education experience. This made learning very easy for our students. Our teachers also experienced a radical shift in their teaching methodology.

Dinkar Naik

LD High School, Lokbharati

Our partnership with DSquare Solution began a couple of years ago. They thoroughly understood the problem our teachers and students faced while using the traditional method of teaching. They came up with their Tech Class product solution which completely transformed and digitized our education system. With smart classrooms, our students not only became smart but even our teachers experienced a whole new of delivering knowledge.

Paritosh Patel


Academic and operational management solution by D-Square provided us with varied solutions for the diverse learning needs of our pre-school kids.

Yogesh Sridhar

Tulip International School

DSquare Solution Science Center kit for students has a lot of activities and real-life experiments experience. I personally found the experiments one step ahead of the others I came across. Students can thrive and find their passion, and learn in an environment that encourages discovery at their own pace.

Shailesh Thakker

Swami Narayan Dham

We collaborated with DSquare Solution for the DSTEM Education and the best we loved about it is that each student gets to experiment with a kit and create as well as track his report under the guidance of Practical instructor. It provides hands-on-learning which enriches the overall learning environment of students while proving a platform to explore and experiment.


Offering integrated solutions and products to boost productivity and innovation in the schools.