Acquiring Skill Is More Important Than Memorizing

To learn is to acquire knowledge or skills while to memorize is to commit something to memory. 

There is a distinct difference between memorizing and learning. The fact is most students do not know that. Learning means to change the stored inputs of the brain as per the new input or experience. Memorization is just the mere act of putting information in, but it does nothing to increase learning as you have no control as to what information remains in.

Actual learning is not about memorizing the topic

The education sector in India considers memorizing an essential tool for learning. But, nowadays the scenario has changed. Current methods of teaching have progressed far beyond the traditional method of learning. Teachers are now adopting new learning processes keeping the old, chalk-and-board method aside. New method helps the student to grasp concepts and theories in an all-embracing manner. The combination of more activities in schools help the students in acquiring skills that make the process of learning faster and more enjoyable.

Move Beyond The Lecture:

The educator plays an integral part in the life of a student. A teacher is more of a coach or a facilitator rather than a sole content provider. Research indicates that students find it hard to register every bit of information presented in a lecture. A teacher should conduct a class in such a way that students feel equally engaged in the context.

Studies from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation show that students with a more interactive learning environment perform better than those in traditionally structured classrooms.

Enhance Memory By Involving In Activities:

Engaging in meaningful activities can stimulate the neurological system. It can work as a stress buster along with enhancing good health and reducing the risk of other diseases. Good observation and learning can lead to better memory. Involvement in activities makes the learning process faster and creates a deep impact on memory.

The concept of visualization is very powerful. A teacher can enhance students’ memory by encouraging them to draw, or through animations, or by showing them different pictures, and by visiting different places.

Involvement in activities builds a mind map for the students, which helps them to store vast quantities of information. Through different activities, teachers can encourage students to share their learning experience with others which in turn will help them learn better and absorb skills with greater depth.

Learning and memorization are interlinked. Therefore, always understand to remember rather than only memorising it. If a student fails to learn well then the ability to store input in his/her memory is also rather limited. Involvement in activities offers the brain a mental, gymnastic exercise which results in enhancing the concentration skills of the students.  It is very important to have a great memory. Those who remember, remember not of their ability to remember, but to understand! The best doctors and lawyers remember not because they memorize, but because they can make sense of the information!

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