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Leading Digital Education Consultant in Gujarat

Pandemic in 2020 has given testing times to many; education vertical is most talked about affected during COVID-19.

As it forced the majority of school students to be locked at homes and glued to OTT and other gamification increasing the screen timings. The efforts of the Digital Education Consultants are commendable to make School management and Educators as a catalyst to adapt the technology to teach students bringing the screen time to include meaningful applications in screen timings, i.e. personalized learning.

Digital Education has played a big role in personalized, continuous professional development in 2020. Digital education consultants have made teaching-learning methodologies a personalized approach with the machine learning and artificial intelligence approach. At Dsquare Solution (D2S) we truly believe that technology cannot replace the teachers, but surely it can make teacher smarter and keep themselves abreast with education trends. With the help of Digital consultants, educators can surely make their teaching environment more engaging and overall day more productive.

Digital Education is a big saviour if its’ not a monologue lecture but a teacher delivering the lecture connecting students at their home. D2S suggests few critical executions to be taken for Edtech implementation. Being a leading digital education consultant in Gujarat they recommend – defining expectations, visioning the outcomes, hiring a single vendor and ensuring the needs of all stakeholders to be kept in mind.

With 350+ schools partnered, 5 lac+ student lives impacted, 5000+ teachers supported, 10+ Institution collaborated, 40+ real-time products and 10+ technology partners we continue to bring the change in Rural India to bridge the digital education gap.

The consulting approach set by D2S is a learner-centric approach we are a mission drive consulting firm with a comprehensive suite of instructional solutions, smart products, and end-to-end consulting, the emerging technologies we deploy makes the learner more interactive rather than being a one-sided receptor of information.

The deployment of technology is done keeping in mind the requirements and expectations of outcome for education K12 segment cycle. Our Clients collaborating with us trusts D2S for accountability of the project management, deployment of technology and the customized solution for hardware and software network infrastructure. As Digital Education consultants we work on the products and projects which have tangible outcomes. Our solution yields successful implementation leading to better academic results and upgrading the pedagogy in the school education system

Even NEP 2020 emphasis and encourages online learning by providing proper digital infrastructure and bridging the digital gap. It proposes to have virtual labs and equip schools digitally. Besides this, it also recommends the execution of e-learning platforms like SWAYAM and DIKSHA. Under these platforms, it encourages teachers to adopt the digital mode to undergo the training to upgrade their skills and create content.
NEP envisages a blended mode of learning, and it proposes to set up a National Education Technology Forum, a platform for the exchange of ideas on the use of technology to enhance learning

Our digital consulting approach prepares students, teachers, and corporates for a world that is being transformed by a host of emerging technologies. We connect people, processes, and technologies to drive meaningful transformation in teaching and learning. This is done through:

  • Turnkey Education Consultancy: We bring a solid holistic outlook, integrated approaches, and co-create solutions along with hardware for all your Digital Education requirements.
  • Professional Services: We are here to deliver excellence. Right from understanding your requirement, to providing hardware solutions along with proper product consulting, we ensure 100% satisfactory services.
  • Quality Products:We provide a wide range of quality digital solutions suiting all your organizational requirements. We customize our interactive solution as per your need.
  • Affordable Prices:We strive to provide all our bespoke products & services at affordable prices to help stakeholders create a remarkable future.
  • Customer Support:We provide proper tech support along with hardware integration to help our clients use digital solution without any flaws.

COVID-19 has surely spun the world bringing everyone on the digital platform. D2S is ready with solutions for Corporate CSR vertical, Rural Education and any other private sector educational institutes. As leading education solution provider in Gujarat, D-Square Solution is focusing on student self-regulation methodologies for autonomous learning and involving teachers and parents as per the need and time.

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