Covid-19 Blessing in Disguise for Education

We do miss the normal functioning of the community with adults going to office and students going to school. 

There are many unusual incidents we have experienced in these unprecedented times. The present scenario of working from home and with online meeting for official functioning and online classes for learning and progressing in academics has build many techies in the market.

Online learning was never new to the education since the introduction of ICT in the schools but post COVID-19 there has been sudden shift in the online education. It has become a necessity rather than option to be opted for. In fact the government proposing lockdown with the increasing cases and schools reopening dates being postponed again the online education is the only option to be considered for progression in academics.

Lately, there had been many questions on the effectiveness of the online education being delivered and the capabilities of the school and teachers were put to test. There has been a load on mental and physical health of students being unexposed to extracurricular activities.
It is very important to carry the momentum of adaptability during such times and remain unaffected. The future of education lies in adapting the hybrid learning processes the combination of online and offline education. The Edtech companies are gearing up to give the powerful learning experiences to the students.

Few changes and benefits for the betterment of the K12 students for hybrid learning can be discussed as:

  • Parents to cater adaptability mindset: Instead of questioning the ability of teachers and capability of schools, this time should be considered as blessing in disguise – an opportunity for children to learn new methodology and appreciating the efforts of education fraternity around
  • Personalized learning experiences: Coming out of the traditional learning experience students are being more imaginative and adaptive in submitting their online academic work
  • Continuous learning and teaching: The online education makes it possible for every student to get attention, the teaching explanation reaches to every student which seems a missed out in overcrowded class strength.
  • Eco-friendly methodologies: We are aware that our brain has capacity processes visual content 400,000 times faster than textual content, which aids to the improvement of learning up by 400 percent. Technology plays a major role here, reaching all students with paper based learning materials and yearly projects add to the cost and environment both.
  • Safety measures for all: Students and teacher are able to learn and teach respectively at their own places being more safe instead of being exposed to hazardous virus and bacteria in environment
  • Increased creativity quotient: Students get a chance to represent the work in different way across all the subjects giving it an easy yet meaningful way for teachers to supervise the work. Moreover student and teachers can save and edit the work for future progress and references.
  • No time constraints: Online classes could be heavy for some with constant lectures online but seeing the better picture of it students are not exposed to long distance commuting, lot of precious time and money is saved.

We would also emphasize that there is much need for the support and training along with consistent handholding for teachers, to benefit from this digital revolution in schools. Government and philanthropist organization should also be focusing on affordable digital learning solution which can be worked despite lower bandwidth and basic level devices. It’s essential if online learning has to really penetrate and impact a vast number of students in rural education setup

The availability of tools and new theories has attracted education innovators to evolve learning strategies. This is where actually Covid-19 seems to be a blessing in disguise for the Education sector.

The Social investment focus areas should be:
  • Educational Opportunities
  • D-Square is committed to building a digital foundation to improve education in the rural sector.
  • Our Digital Education products are built to:
    • Expand reach
    • Improve quality results
    • Increase student engagement in STEM
    • Improve the professional development of teachers globally

The prime focus is to improve both teaching and learning using Internet technology and digitization. However, there’s also a dire need and concerted efforts and policies towards training of teachers, guidelines for adequate usage in children, availability of digital infrastructure and recognition of online degrees for recruitment by the government authorities.

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